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Show Title Station Date Media File
Your Ballad Man: Dancing Around The World Mutual Broadcasting Company 01-12-1948
Songs: [Dance The Hora] [Djangology] [Dynamite Boogie] [Jolie Blonde] [Kalinka] [Klezmer wedding dance from New York's Lower East Side (Mitzvah [. . .])] [Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away] [Shine] [Unidentified Armenian song] [Unidentified Cuban song] [Unidentified Dervish chant] [Unidentified Finnish Polka] [Unidentified gamelan song] [Unidentified Irish jig] [Unidentified Sandburg poem] [Unidentified Spanish song] [Unidentified square dance] [Unidentified West African song] [Unidentified Yugoslavian song]
Participants: [Bechet, Sidney] [Choates, Harry] [Lomax, Alan] [Macon, Uncle Dave] [Reinhardt, Django] [Sandburg, Carl] [Unidentified]
Your Ballad Man: Nonsense Show Mutual Broadcasting Company 05-08-1948
Songs: [A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother] [A Horse Named Bill] [Big Noise From Winnetka] [Johnny Booker] [Jolie Blonde] [Nickety, Nackety, Now, Now, Now] [The Green Grass Grew All Around] [The Intoxicated Rat] [The Swapping Song]
Participants: [Bauduc, Ray] [Carver, Cynthia May (Cousin Emmy)] [Dick, Elsie] [Dyer-Bennett, Richard] [Foley, Red] [Haggart, Bob] [Holden, Fairley] [Lomax, Alan] [Sandburg, Carl] [White, Joshua]
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