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:: Title :: Your Ballad Man: Nonsense Show
:: Station :: Mutual Broadcasting Company
:: Date :: 05-08-1948
:: Description :: This is a program about America's "crazy songs and fool ditties," with Alan Lomax playing an assortment of nonsense songs and poems. Prizes are also awarded to listeners for their letters written about Cousin Emmy.
:: Note 1 ::Among the highlights: "Jolie Blonde" -- a Louisiana-type song in non-sense made-up "Cajun," sung by Red Foley. Some punning knock-knock jokes. "The Intoxicated Rat" sung by Red Holden. Moron jokes. Richard Dyer-Bennet sings "The Swapping Song." Mississippi tall tales and "Big Noise From Winnetka" on bass and drum-set, with whistling. Letter writing contest in praise of Cousin Emmy's singing.
Track List
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1 nonsense songs and poems, part 1 00:14:21
Songs: [A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother], [A Horse Named Bill], [Jolie Blonde], [The Green Grass Grew All Around]
Participants: [Dick, Elsie], [Foley, Red], [Lomax, Alan], [Sandburg, Carl], [White, Joshua]
Original Note:Notes read: Mutual reference recording, "Mother's Day program" (5-8-48) Cuts at the beginning of "The Intoxicated Rat." Continued on TD196
2 nonsense songs and poems, part 2 00:15:22
Songs: [Big Noise From Winnetka], [Johnny Booker], [Nickety, Nackety, Now, Now, Now], [The Intoxicated Rat], [The Swapping Song]
Participants: [Bauduc, Ray], [Carver, Cynthia May (Cousin Emmy)], [Dyer-Bennett, Richard], [Haggart, Bob], [Holden, Fairley], [Lomax, Alan]
Original Note:Original notes contain TD196a and TD196b. This appears to be TD196a. Notes read: Mutual reference recording, part 2 Alan Lomax ?nonsense show? (5-8-48).



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