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:: Title :: The Land is Bright: 64 Hours To Anywhere
:: Station :: Columbia Broadcasting System
:: Date :: 02-17-1945
:: Description :: The Land Is Bright celebrates "the infinite number of old, new, big, and little things that make America shine." This episode considers the modern ability to travel anywhere in the world in 64 hours.
:: Note 1 ::This is the ninth program in the Land Is Bright series.
Track List
Seq No Topic Duration Media File
1 Americans and travel, part 1 00:14:28
Songs: [Root, Hog or Die (fragment)], [Rye Whiskey (fragment)], [Your Parents Don't Like Me (fragment)]
Participants: [Unidentified]
Original Note:Notes read: The Land is Bright, part 1. CBS, 2-17-45.
2 Americans and travel, part 2 00:15:08
Participants: null
Original Note:Notes read: The Land is Bright - part 2, radio drama (2-17-45).



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