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Recording Ref# Media File Session
Father Get Ready When He Calls You T1014R15
Jean Ritchie I 3/49
Genre: [religious song][sentimental song]
Artists: [Ritchie, Jean]
Green Grows The Laurel T3465R04
Jeannie Robertson 5/58
Genre: [sentimental song]
Artists: [Robertson, Jeannie]
Hogar Por Ti Suspiro T2043R02
Dominican Republic 1967
Genre: [sentimental song]
Artists: [Buenotapia, Egudelia]
I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad (fragment) T997R08
Johnny St. Cyr 4/49
Genre: [popular song][sentimental song]
Artists: [St. Cyr, John A. (Johnny)]
I'm Rocking My Baby To Sleep T1209R10
La Resource 8/62
Genre: [ballad][sentimental song]
Artists: [Adams, Ferguson (Sugar Tamarind)][Aikens, Daniel][Bristol, Charles][Dick, Beatrice ][Dick, Martha ][Duncan, Lucianne ][Duncan, Millicent ][Duncan, Sweet Honey ][Hector, Edith ][Henry, Margaret ][Joseph, Newton ][Joseph, Sheraf][Joseph, Virginia ][Lawrence, Faith ][Lawrence, Prince ][Lejen, Derrick ][Solon, Lawrence ][Sylvester, Virginia ]
Mi Pensamiento T2042R15
Dominican Republic 1967
Genre: [love song][sentimental song]
Artists: [Halifax, Joan][unidentified woman]
Miña nai miña naiciña T740R05
Sobado del Obispo 11/52
Genre: [coplas][sentimental song]
Artists: [Morgade, José][Unidentified]
My Old Rosary / Gypsy Sweetheart T996R05
Johnny St. Cyr 4/49
Genre: [guitar instrumental][popular song][sentimental song]
Artists: [St. Cyr, John A. (Johnny)]
Red River Valley N3R08
Newport Folk Festival 1966
Genre: [dance tune][sentimental song]
Artists: [Rogers, Grant][Snow, John Kilby]
The Auld Quarry Knowe T3417R09
Turriff II 7/51
Genre: [ballad][sentimental song]
Artists: [MacBeath, Jimmy][Strachan, John][Unidentified men]
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