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Track Recording Ref# Media File Session
1 Padstow bells T3363R01
BBC Disc Dubs 1951
Genre: [talk/ambience]
Artists: [Unidentified]
2 Hal-An-Tow (fragment) T3363R02
BBC Disc Dubs 1951
Genre: [mummer's play]
Artists: [Unidentified children]
3 The Banks Of The Sweet Primeroses (album edit) T3363R03
BBC Disc Dubs 1951
Genre: [ballad]
Artists: [Tanner, Phil]
4 Brigg Fair (fragment) T3363R04
Isla Cameron 2/51
Genre: [ballad][love song]
Artists: [Cameron, Isla]
5 The Foggy Dew T3363R05
London 1/51
Genre: [ballad][bawdy song]
Artists: [Dillon, Francis (Jack)]
6 McCafferty T3363R06
Ewan MacColl 2/51
Genre: [ballad][soldier's song]
Artists: [Miller, Jimmy (Ewan MacColl)]
7 Richard Of Taunton Dene (fragment) T3363R07
Peter Kennedy Recordings 1950s
Genre: [ballad]
Artists: [Rumble, Fanny]
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