:: Title :: Ya Moulay Muhammad
:: Genre :: lullaby, religious song
:: Performers & Instruments ::
ar-Riffi, Abdellatif [vocal]
:: Setting :: The home of Abdellatif ar-Riffi
:: Location :: Fes (Fès-Dar-Dbibegh), Fès-Boulemane (Morocco)
:: Language :: Arabic, Moroccan Spoken
:: Culture :: Moroccan, Riffian
:: Session :: Fes IV 9/67
:: Date :: 09/28/1967
:: Reference Information :: T3001.0, Track 15 (00:01:38)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - Folk hymns and lullabies sung by Abdellatif ar-Riffi, an 18 year old student in Fes, originally from a mixed Arab-Amazigh family from the Rif, near Nador. He sings both in Moroccan Arabic and in Tarifit, the Amazigh language of the Rif Mountains.
2 - Riffi is an 18 year old engineering student who lives precariously in the medina -from region de Nadore.
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Text and translation: "Allah (God...) La ilaha ila allah (There is no God but God) Allhuma salli wa salam 'aan-Nabi, Moulay Muhammadi (Oh God, prayer and peace be upon the Prophet, noble Muhammad) Ya an-nabi al-'arabi, ya Moulay Muhammad (Oh, the Arab Prophet, Oh noble Muhammad) La ilaha ila allah, Muhammad rasul allah (There is no God but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God)" ?repeated.
:: Collection :: Morocco 1967



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