:: Title :: Score Di Black Girl
:: Genre :: game song
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Adams, Ferguson (Sugar Tamarind) [vocal]
Aikens, Daniel [vocal]
Bristol, Charles [vocal]
Dick, Beatrice [vocal]
Dick, Martha [vocal]
Duncan, Lucianne [vocal]
Duncan, Millicent [vocal]
Duncan, Sweet Honey [vocal]
Hector, Edith [vocal]
Henry, Margaret [vocal]
Joseph, Newton [vocal]
Joseph, Sheraf [vocal]
Joseph, Virginia [vocal]
Lawrence, Faith [vocal]
Lawrence, Prince [vocal]
Lejen, Derrick [vocal]
Solon, Lawrence [vocal]
Sylvester, Virginia [vocal]
:: Setting :: Tombstone feast
:: Location :: La Resource (None), Carriacou (Grenada)
:: Language :: Carriacou Creole English
:: Culture :: Grenadines, Carriacou, Afro-Caribbean
:: Session :: La Resource 8/62
:: Date :: 8/2/1962
:: Reference Information :: T1209.0, Track 18 (00:01:15)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - This session features predominantly leader/chorus singing of chanteys and sailor songs, story songs (Nancy stories), pass-play (a game typically played by unmarried teenagers), and other genres. In his field log, Alan Lomax names a number of individuals who participated in this session and (unless otherwise specified by Lomax) they are all listed as "possible" performers. Some of the performances can be heard on Caribbean Voyage: Saraca (Rounder 1726), Caribbean Voyage: Carriacou Calaloo (Rounder 1722), and Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl In The Ring (Rounder CD 1716). [Source: Recordings and Field Log]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Call-and-response between the lead singer and chorus. Chorus sings in unison. [Source: Recording]
:: Collection :: Caribbean 1962



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