:: Title :: Fire Brigade Water The Road
:: Genre :: kalenda
:: Performers & Instruments ::
de Freitas, Vasco [vocal]
Dowdy, Albert [fuller bamboo]
Felix, Sylvie [fuller bamboo]
Fournillier, Johnnie [vocal]
Jordan, Malcolm [boom pipe]
Joseph, Ned [cutter bamboo]
O' Brien, Uric [cutter bamboo]
Roberts, Donald [fuller bamboo]
Scott, Oliver [maracas]
Waithe, Ellick [fuller bamboo]
Waithe, Reynold [fuller bamboo]
:: Group Name :: Kalenda band, Tamboo Bamboo
:: Setting :: Nicholas Street
:: Location :: Maraval (St. George), Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago)
:: Language :: Trinidadian Creole English
:: Culture :: Caribbean, Trinidad, Afro-Trinidadian
:: Session :: Maraval 5/62
:: Date :: 5/8/1962
:: Reference Information :: T1097.0, Track 3 (00:02:54)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - This session features performances by a tamboo bamboo ensemble as well as a number of carnival speeches/boasts by leader/singer Vasco de Freitas. A tamboo bamboo ensemble consists primarily of bamboo stamping tubes of different sizes that are played in a hocket-like fashion. [Source: Recording and Field Log]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Call-and-response singing between the lead singer and chorus. Chorus sings in parallel harmony. The rapping of bottle-and-spoon can be heard on this recording. [Source: Recording]
:: Collection :: Caribbean 1962



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