:: Title :: Chiche Tura (The Little Jackal)
:: Genre :: topical song
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Gvaliia (f) [vocal]
Potskhverashvili (m) [vocal]
Tediashvili (f) [vocal]
Unidentified ensemble [chonguri]
:: Setting :: Unspecified
:: Location :: Unspecified (Unspecified), Georgia (unspecified) (Georgia)
:: Language :: Georgian
:: Culture :: Caucasian, Georgian
:: Session :: Georgian 8/64
:: Date :: 08/1964
:: Reference Information :: T1692.1, Track 7 (00:02:14)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - These are dubbed recordings made by Alan Lomax from the archives of Radio Moscow. Original collector(s) unknown. [Source: Editor]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Chiche Tura is translated as 'a little jackal'. [Source: Tape Notes]
0 - Original notes read: "Soloists: Mrs. Tediashvili, Mrs. Gvaliia, Mr. Potskhverashvili and the State Georgian song and dance ensemble, accompanied by a group of chonguri players." [Source: Tape Notes]
0 - Original notes read: "The plot: Everything was still and quiet that night. A perfidious wife woke up her husband to tell him a jackal had got into the hen-house. He went out into th e yard, and began to ssearch for the jackal everywhere. He looked into the hen-house, but didn't find the beast. While the man was looking for an imaginary jackal, his wife had a date at the window. When her husband came back, his perfidious wife began to caress and kiss him and promised not to deceive him again." [Source: Tape Notes]
:: Collection :: Soviet Union 1964



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