Calypso Concert 1946
Texas Gladden and Hobart Smith 1946
New York Blues Interviews 1947
Mississippi Prison Recordings 1947 and 1948
Mississippi and Texas Church Recordings 1948
Vera Hall 1948
New Orleans Jazz Interviews 1949
Jean Ritchie 1949 and 1950
Ireland 1951 and 1953
Scotland 1951, 1953, and 1957
England and Wales 1951-1958
Big Bill Broonzy 1952

Spain 1952-1953
Italy 1954-1955
Southern U.S. 1959 and 1960
Hally Wood 1960
Bessie Jones 1961-1962
Caribbean 1962
Romania 1964
Soviet Union 1964
Central Park Concert 1965
Newport Folk Festival 1966
Dominican Republic and Saint Eustatius 1967
Morocco 1967
Miscellaneous Recordings 1950-1990



Ticket to Midnight Special concert, 1946.



Texas, Hobart, and Preston Smith
in Virginia, 1959. Photo by Alan Lomax.



Alan's original session notes from Blues in
MS Night recording session at Decca Studios.



Parchman Farm Penitentiary, Parchman,
Mississippi, 1959. Photo by Alan Lomax.



Landscape picture of house and plane,
Mississippi, 1959. Photo by Alan Lomax.



Vera Ward Hall, Livingston, Alabama 1959.
Photo by Alan Lomax.



Mister Jelly Roll by Alan Lomax cover.



Jean Ritchie at the Alan Lomax Tribute
Conference, NYC, 2003. Photo by
Michael Macioce.



Harry Cox, Sutton, England, 1953.
Photo by Alan Lomax.



Agnes Whyte, Ireland, 1953.
Photo by Michael Macioce.



Alan Lomax (holding microphone) with
Hamish Henderson (holding box), Edinburgh,
Scotland, 1958. Photographer unknown.



Program for Big Bill Broonzy benefit concert,
London Coliseum, 1952.



Psaltery and flute player, Yebra
de Basa (province of Huesca),
Aragon, Spain, December, 1952.
Photo by Alan Lomax.



Fishermen rowing, Calabria, Italy,
August 3, 1954. Photo by Alan Lomax.



Ed Young and Hobart Smith, Williamsburg,
Virginia, 1960. Photo by Alan Lomax.



Picture of Hally Wood from a town hall concert
with Pete Seeger, ca. New York City 1960.



Bessie Jones, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1960.
Photo by Alan Lomax.



La Resource, Carriacou, 1962.
Photo by Alan Lomax.



One of the many commercial albums
Alan brought back from Romania.



Pamphlet Alan obtained in Moscow in 1965
when he was recording Soviet musicians.
Alan's notes are on the front in blue pen.



Reverend Gary Davis. Photographer unknown.



Cover of Newport Folk Festival
promotional brochure, Newport,
Rhode Island, 1965.



Page from Alan Lomax's field notes on the
Dominican Republic.



Picture from cover of Moroccan tourist
map found in Alan's collection, 1967.



Alan Lomax in 1965 at a conference at
Tougaloo College with Mississippi SNCC





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