This collection contains over 200 hours of interviews and conversations with artists and colleagues together with recordings of Alan Lomax's lectures and speeches from the 1960s through the 1990s. In developing his research projects Alan Lomax sought advice and feedback from experts in the fields of ethnology and cultural anthropology, otolaryngology, linguistics and paralinguistics, statistics, child psychology, the sociology of work, primate behavior, and dance. He recorded the resulting interviews and conversation, as well as his own lectures, on tape.

Listening to this collection, it is possible to follow the development of Cantometric theory from its beginnings in the 1960s through various applications, including the development of performance style research, pedagogical tools and approaches (the Cantometrics teaching system and the Global Jukebox), and models of human migrations and intermingling. There is also extensive analysis of popular music and dance. Among the principals in these discussions are Alan Lomax's main collaborators in Cantometrics and Choreometrics research: Conrad Arensberg, Norman Berkowitz, Victor Grauer, Forrestine Paulay, and Roswell Rudd.

Those interviewed include Mildred Antonelli, Godfrey Arnold, Irmgard Bartinieff, Anne Chapman, George Condominas, Stanley Diamond, Juanita Elbein, Halim El-Dabh, Jacob D. Elder, Edwin Erickson, Jack Ferguson, Pierre Gaisseau, Michael Harner, Alan Jabbour, Bess Lomax Hawes, Allison Jablonko, Edith Trager Johnson, Morton Klass, Margaret Mead, Paul Moses, Kal Muller, George Peter Murdock, Stanley Udy, Gilbert Rouget, Ted Schwartz, Judith Shapiro, Ralph Solecki, Gordon Tracey, Henry Truby, and Elizabeth Waldo.

Also in this collection are a series of fascinating exchanges with former members of Franklin Roosevelt's inner circle, made in 1982 in preparation for a commemoration of the 1939 White House concert in honor of the King and Queen of England that featured American folk music. Included are a telephone interview by Lomax of Marian Anderson; a visit with Josh White's widow, Carol White; and interviews with historian Bernard Asbell and journalist Joseph Alsop.

There is also a radio program made for Italian radio (RAI) on American music illustrated by Alan Lomax's singing of cowboy songs; a recording of Bessie Jones's funeral service on St. Simons' Island in 1984, with interviews of family members and spirituals sung by her church’s congregation; interviews with Ewan MacColl, Jack Owens, Mable Hillery, John Henry Faulk, Reverend Gary Davis, and Lomax family members; and a radio interview with Alan Lomax about the Black Encyclopedia of the Air, a series of educational programs on black history and oral culture that he produced in 1966.

Each segment is summarized in the catalog and can be heard on streaming audio.



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