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Show Title Station Date Media File
The People Speak to the President: Public comment on the U.S. entry into World War II Unspecified 12-01-1941
Participants: [Unidentified]
NBC Labor for Victory (Part 1 of 3) National Broadcasting Company 06-06-1942
Songs: [Make Way For The Fighting Squad]
Participants: [Bellaver, Harry] [Unidentified]
Bound For Glory - 4A Columbia Broadcasting System 01-05-1945
Songs: [Get Along Mr. Hitler] [Get Along Mr. Hitler (Whoopie, Tye, Yye, Oh)] [Get Along, Mr. Hitler (Whoopie, Tye, Yye, Oh)] [Roll On, United Nations, Roll On (fragment)] [Roll On, United Nations, Roll On (Keep Your Hand On That Gun) (fragment)]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan] [Terry, Sonny] [Unidentified] [White, Joshua]
The Land is Bright: 64 Hours To Anywhere Columbia Broadcasting System 02-17-1945
Songs: [Root, Hog or Die (fragment)] [Rye Whiskey (fragment)] [Your Parents Don't Like Me (fragment)]
Participants: [Unidentified]
Your Ballad Man: Dancing Around The World Mutual Broadcasting Company 01-12-1948
Songs: [Dance The Hora] [Djangology] [Dynamite Boogie] [Jolie Blonde] [Kalinka] [Klezmer wedding dance from New York's Lower East Side (Mitzvah [. . .])] [Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away] [Shine] [Unidentified Armenian song] [Unidentified Cuban song] [Unidentified Dervish chant] [Unidentified Finnish Polka] [Unidentified gamelan song] [Unidentified Irish jig] [Unidentified Sandburg poem] [Unidentified Spanish song] [Unidentified square dance] [Unidentified West African song] [Unidentified Yugoslavian song]
Participants: [Bechet, Sidney] [Choates, Harry] [Lomax, Alan] [Macon, Uncle Dave] [Reinhardt, Django] [Sandburg, Carl] [Unidentified]
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