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American Portraits: Jelly Roll Morton Unspecified 00-00-0000
Songs: [Didn't He Ramble] [Levee Man] [Nearer My God To Thee] [Pretty Baby] [Steal Away]
Participants: [Lomax, Alan] [Morton, Ferdinand (Jelly Roll)]
Back Where I Come From: Party Songs Columbia Broadcasting System 1940
Songs: [Ida Red] [Skip To My Lou] [That Gal I Left Behind Me]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Ledbetter, Huddie] [The Golden Gate Quartet] [Tillman, John] [White, Joshua]
Back Where I Come From: Christmas Songs Columbia Broadcasting System 12-20-1940
Songs: [Cherry Tree Carol] [Dance To The Light Of The Moon] [Talking Christmas] [Twelve Days Of Christmas] [Twelve Days Of Christmas (partial)]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Tillman, John]
The People Speak to the President: Public comment on the U.S. entry into World War II Unspecified 12-01-1941
Participants: [Unidentified]
NBC Labor for Victory: John Henry Hammers it Out National Broadcasting Company 00-00-1942
Songs: [John Henry Hammers It Out] [We'll Hammer It Out Together]
Participants: [Belleson, Terry] [Geer, Will] [Goberman, Max] [Julian, Joe] [Randolf, Amanda] [Robeson, Paul] [Spencer, Kenneth]
NBC Labor for Victory (Part 1 of 3) National Broadcasting Company 06-06-1942
Songs: [Make Way For The Fighting Squad]
Participants: [Bellaver, Harry] [Unidentified]
The Chisholm Trail BBC (New York) 00-00-1944
Songs: [Bury Me Not On The Old Prairie] [Diamond Joe] [Get Along Home, I'll Marry You Someday] [Get Along Little Dogies] [I Never Will Marry] [It's Hard Times In The Dodge City Jail] [Kansas Boys] [Roll 'Em On, Roll 'Em On] [The Old Chisholm Trail] [Unidentified duet]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Hays, Lee] [Houston, Cisco] [Ives, Burl] [Ledford, Lily May] [Lockwood, Roy] [Mainer, Wade] [Terry, Sonny] [The Coon Creek Girls]
Transatlantic Call - People To People: Women in Britain Columbia Broadcasting System / British Broadcasting Company 10-29-1944
Participants: [Cunningham, Phillip]
Venereal Disease Drama: Looking For Lester Unspecified 00-00-1945
Songs: [Foggy River] [Honey Babe] [Wait For The Light To Shine]
Participants: [Acuff, Roy] [Foster, V. O.] [The Smoky Mountain Boys]
Bound for Glory - 3A Columbia Broadcasting System 01-05-1945
Songs: [Drill You Tarriers, Drill] [I Got A Head Like A Rock] [John Henry] [The Biggest Thing That Man Had Ever Done (The Great Historical Bum)] [This Train Is Bound For Glory]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan] [McGhee, Brownie] [Terry, Sonny] [White, Joshua]
Bound For Glory - 2A Columbia Broadcasting System 01-05-1945
Songs: [Foggy, Foggy Dew]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan]
Bound For Glory - 1A Columbia Broadcasting System 01-05-1945
Songs: [Bound For Glory] [This Train Is Bound For Glory] [War Bond Daddy From A War Bond Town] [War Bond Daddy From A War Bond Town (partial)]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan] [Mainer, Wade] [McGhee, Brownie] [Sons of the Mountaineers] [Terry, Sonny] [White, Joshua]
Bound For Glory - 4A Columbia Broadcasting System 01-05-1945
Songs: [Get Along Mr. Hitler] [Get Along Mr. Hitler (Whoopie, Tye, Yye, Oh)] [Get Along, Mr. Hitler (Whoopie, Tye, Yye, Oh)] [Roll On, United Nations, Roll On (fragment)] [Roll On, United Nations, Roll On (Keep Your Hand On That Gun) (fragment)]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan] [Terry, Sonny] [Unidentified] [White, Joshua]
The Land is Bright: Boy Meets Girl Columbia Broadcasting System 02-03-1945
Participants: [Juet, Ted]
The Land is Bright: 64 Hours To Anywhere Columbia Broadcasting System 02-17-1945
Songs: [Root, Hog or Die (fragment)] [Rye Whiskey (fragment)] [Your Parents Don't Like Me (fragment)]
Participants: [Unidentified]
Hootenanny Columbia Broadcasting System 03-10-1947
Songs: [Hard, Ain't It Hard] [I Feel So Good] [Ida Red] [John Henry] [Raise A Ruckus Tonight] [Summertime] [Talking Blues] [The Little Turtle Dove] [You May Run On For A Long Time]
Participants: [Bechet, Sidney] [Faulk, John Henry] [Foster, Pops] [Guthrie, Woody] [Houston, Cisco] [McGhee, Brownie] [Seeger, Pete] [Smith, Eddie] [Terry, Sonny] [The Coleman Brothers] [Wood, Hally]
Your Ballad Man: Dancing Around The World Mutual Broadcasting Company 01-12-1948
Songs: [Dance The Hora] [Djangology] [Dynamite Boogie] [Jolie Blonde] [Kalinka] [Klezmer wedding dance from New York's Lower East Side (Mitzvah [. . .])] [Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away] [Shine] [Unidentified Armenian song] [Unidentified Cuban song] [Unidentified Dervish chant] [Unidentified Finnish Polka] [Unidentified gamelan song] [Unidentified Irish jig] [Unidentified Sandburg poem] [Unidentified Spanish song] [Unidentified square dance] [Unidentified West African song] [Unidentified Yugoslavian song]
Participants: [Bechet, Sidney] [Choates, Harry] [Lomax, Alan] [Macon, Uncle Dave] [Reinhardt, Django] [Sandburg, Carl] [Unidentified]
Your Ballad Man: Men and Women Mutual Broadcasting Company 02-15-1948
Songs: [Cindy] [I'm Troubled In Mind] [Loch Lomond] [Lonesome Housewife Blues] [Never, Never Trust A Woman] [Old Man Came Courting] [That Gal I Left Behind Me] [The Lass With The Delicate Air] [Wish I Was A Single Girl Again] [You Don't Know My Mind]
Participants: [Bailey, Pearl] [Carver, Cynthia May (Cousin Emmy)] [Foley, Red] [Grace, Teddy] [Lomax, Alan] [Sullivan, Maxine] [White, Joshua]
Your Ballad Man: Nonsense Show Mutual Broadcasting Company 05-08-1948
Songs: [A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother] [A Horse Named Bill] [Big Noise From Winnetka] [Johnny Booker] [Jolie Blonde] [Nickety, Nackety, Now, Now, Now] [The Green Grass Grew All Around] [The Intoxicated Rat] [The Swapping Song]
Participants: [Bauduc, Ray] [Carver, Cynthia May (Cousin Emmy)] [Dick, Elsie] [Dyer-Bennett, Richard] [Foley, Red] [Haggart, Bob] [Holden, Fairley] [Lomax, Alan] [Sandburg, Carl] [White, Joshua]
Your Ballad Man: Singing Newspaper Mutual Broadcasting Company 07-17-1948
Songs: [A Deck Of Cards (Story)] [A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore] [Accentuate The Positive] [Golden Vanity] [Grand Coulee Dam] [Hard Times] [OPA Blues] [Sam Hall]
Participants: [Glazer, Tom] [Guthrie, Woody] [Ives, Burl] [Lomax, Alan] [Mercer, Johnny] [Seeger, Pete] [Stockard, Ocie and His Wanderers] [Terry, Sonny] [Tyler, T. Texas] [White, Joshua]
Murray Arnold Orchestra Mutual Broadcasting Company 07-17-1948
Songs: [An Old Sombrero] [Begin The Beguine] [Cecilia] [Fascinating Fingers] [If I Only Had A Match] [Nola] [The First Time I Kissed You] [The Treasure Of Sierra Madre]
Participants: [Arnold, Murray] [The Murray Arnold Orchestra]
Your Ballad Man: Thanksgiving Mutual Broadcasting Company 11-22-1948
Songs: [Ezekial Saw The Wheels A' Rolling] [I Am A Pilgrim] [I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger] [I Am Bound For The Promised Land] [I Wonder As I Wander] [Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho] [On Top Of Old Smokey] [That Shepherd Boy] [The Love Comes Tumbling Down] [The Prodigal Son] [Unidentified 15th Century European Cathredal Hymn] [Unidentified African drum celebration] [Unidentified Jewish Cantorial song with organ] [Unidentified processional song from Seville and female flamenco singer] [Up Above My Head] [We're Gonna Have A Good Time]
Participants: [Lomax, Alan] [Niles, John Jacob] [Stafford, Jo] [Tharp, Sister Rosetta] [The Golden Eagle Gospel Singers] [The Royal Harmonaires] [Travis, Merle]
Vera Hall: Children's Game Songs Mutual Broadcasting Company 12-04-1948
Songs: [Did You Go To The College] [Ridin' In A Buggy] [Young Speckled Lady]
Participants: [Hall, Vera Ward] [Lomax, Alan]
Venereal Disease Drama: Syphilis Unspecified 00-00-1950
Songs: [Be Not Ashamed] [Go, Get The Water] [Let That Liar Alone] [Savior, Please Don't Pass Me By] [Up Above My Head] [What's The News] [Your Close Friend]
Participants: [Rosettes, The] [Tharp, Sister Rosetta]
Venereal Disease Drama: Trouble is My Middle Name Unspecified 00-00-1950
Songs: [Careless Love] [Dark As A Dungeon] [House Of The Rising Sun] [Nine Pound Hammer] [Sixteen Tons] [Streets Of Laredo] [That's All]
Participants: [Travis, Merle]
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