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:: Title :: NBC Labor for Victory (Part 1 of 3)
:: Station :: National Broadcasting Company
:: Date :: 06-06-1942
:: Description :: A radio drama, sponsored by the CIO, about the UAW's struggle against the Axis powers: "10 million organized men and women united in the high resolve to rid the world of fascism in 1942."
:: Note 1 ::Produced with the support of the Congress of Industrial Organizations.
:: Note 2 ::Notes read: NBC Labor For Victory - Pt. 1 of 3 (6-6-42).
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1 Men and machines at work for America against facism 00:04:38
Songs: [Make Way For The Fighting Squad]
Participants: [Bellaver, Harry], [Unidentified]
Editor Note:Chorus: "Make Way For the Fighting Squad." "We're building tanks and planes and guns / put those Fascists on the run. / Make Way, for the fighting squad" They talk about the Willow Run defense plant, the first to turn out bombers on an assembly line, manned by members of the UAW. Other plants in allied countries such as Australia are doing the same. These well built planes are helping our pilots in the war in the Phillipines. [fragment]
Technical Note:Engineer notes: saved as TD75 Changed region #1 "Labor For Victory" (now TD75R01) from 0:05-4:43 to 0:05-4:43 (small adjustment) renamed audio file: TD75-01



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