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:: Title :: NBC Labor for Victory: John Henry Hammers it Out
:: Station :: National Broadcasting Company
:: Date :: 00-00-1942
:: Description :: This radio play, presented by the CIO, stars Paul Robeson as a factory worker and Amanda Randolf as his wife. The main character is John Henry, whose desire to contribute to the war effort is hampered by race prejudice.
:: Note 1 ::There are two audio files here, the order of which should be checked. It seems they are in reverse order. Notes read: NBC Labor for Victory - Paul Robeson, Sides 1 and 6, "John Henry Hammers It Out." Two audio files TD-074-01-01 and TD-074-03-00 (check the order of audio files in actual session), sides 1 and 6.
:: Note 2 ::Produced with support of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).
Track List
Seq No Topic Duration Media File
1 African Americans during World War II 00:04:45
Participants: null
2 African Americans during World War II (continued) 00:04:55
Songs: [We'll Hammer It Out Together]
Participants: [Belleson, Terry], [Geer, Will], [Goberman, Max], [Julian, Joe], [Randolf, Amanda], [Robeson, Paul], [Spencer, Kenneth]
Editor Note:"We'll Hammer It Out Together, White Folks and Black Folks Hand In Hand" by Earl Robinson, text by Langston Hughes, sung by Kenneth Spencer (bass) and chorus. Orchestra directed by Max Goberman. Prelude: Robeson gives an impassioned speech urging that Jim Crow and poll taxes have got to go, so that we can win the war. Anti-negro riots, he says, are the result of Axis subversion.
Technical Note:engineer notes: saved as TD74 renamed two audio files: TD74-01 and TD74-03 erased TD074-02



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