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:: Title :: The Land is Bright: Boy Meets Girl
:: Station :: Columbia Broadcasting System
:: Date :: 02-03-1945
:: Description :: This program was written by Max Hurlich, narrated by Ted Juet, and produced and directed by Robert Lewis. The music was composed by Alexander Semmler. ?Falling in Love? is a radio drama about falling in love and courtship in war-time Americam and includes pop songs that "spin musical webs for dreamy-eyed American lovers." "War has not destroyed the clear idealism of American sweethearts."
:: Note 1 ::This is the seventh program in the Land Is Bright Series.
Track List
Seq No Topic Duration Media File
1 Falling in love, courtship, relationships 00:14:46
Participants: [Juet, Ted]
Original Note:Notes read: The Land is Bright - ?Falling in Love? part 2 - radio drama (2-3-45).



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