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:: Title :: Bound For Glory - 2A
:: Station :: Columbia Broadcasting System
:: Date :: 01-05-1945
:: Description :: A discussion of love and Burl Ives' performance of "The Foggy, Foggy Dew" with three short false starts. Woody Guthrie introduces Sonny Terry's "Fox Hunt" (which doesn't appear here) with a narrative about a fox hunt in Paducah, Kentucky.
:: Note 1 ::Original notes read: Bound for Glory 2A - Josh White, Woody Guthrie - Show about the UN - CBS, 1-5-45.
:: Note 2 ::Engineer notes: several regions, all seemingly from one side of one disc. TD159R01 (0:20-0:49), dialog outtake segment 0:49-1:00 is irrelevant TD159R02 (1:00-1:25), dialog outtake #2 segment 1:25-1:34 is irrelevant TD159R03 (1:34-2:37), dialog outtake #3 segment 2:37-2:55 is irrelevant Extended region #4 from 2:55-3:17 to 2:55-6:45, now TD159R04 Deleted regions #5 & #6 Region TD159R04 is a continuous radio show that includes dialog and the song Foggy, Foggy Dew.
Track List
Seq No Topic Duration Media File
1 Love (false start I) 00:00:28
Songs: [Foggy, Foggy Dew]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody], [Ives, Burl], [Lomax, Alan]
2 Love (false start II) 00:00:25
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody], [Ives, Burl], [Lomax, Alan]
3 Love (false start III) 00:01:03
Songs: [Foggy, Foggy Dew]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody], [Ives, Burl], [Lomax, Alan]
4 Love and fox hunts 00:03:05
Songs: [Foggy, Foggy Dew]
Participants: [Guthrie, Woody], [Ives, Burl]



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