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Alan Lomax, Mary Labelle, and Forrestine Paulay discuss the contribution of Ruth St. Denis and other dance phenomena 06-12-1986-06-19-1995 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay discuss flim clips of the Twist, the movement styles of Buddy Holly, ballroom and cabaret-style couple dances, Charles Moore, Katherine Dunham, Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, Irene Castle and James Fisher, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, modern fine-art dance reconstructions, Mary Labelle discusses Tricia Brown and Twyla Tharp 07-15-1985-07-23-1995 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax on Madonna and the 1956 film "Rock, Rock, Rock," based on Alan Freed, featuring the Flamingoes and others; Alan's critique of Robert Wilson's "Einstein on the Beach"; Busby Berkeley as the apotheosis of European unison. 01-01-1980-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Mary Labelle and Alan Lomax review and discuss coding of features of modern American popular dances 01-01-1986-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
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