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Conversation between Alan Lomax, Irmgard Bartenieff, and Allison Jablonko on filming dance in the field. 05-20-1968-05-20-1968
Dance historian Judith Lynne Hanna discusses footage of her African dance films with Alan Lomax, Forrestine Paulay, and Irmgard Bartenieff 01-01-1960-12-31-1980
Discussion with Alan Lomax, Kal Muller, Victor Grauer, Forrestine Paulay, and Irmgard Bartenieff, an unidentified man, and Joan Halifax about Muller's film footage of the Big Namba people of Malekula of the New Hebrides, Melanesia, Oceania. Some discussion in French. 01-01-1960-12-31-1975
Discussion with Pierre Gaisseau, Claire Holt, Alan Lomax, Irmgard Bartinieff, and Forrestine Paulay on films of Nilotic Masai peoples of east Africa; second part Irmgard Bartinieff discusses, Hungarian dance; communal elements of dance, and questions about coding. Third part of tape is a commentary on a film by Bartinieff in German. Fourth part a discussion between Alan Lomax and Bartinieff on coding dance movements, cooperative versus cohesive movements. 01-01-1960-12-31-1980
Recording of a class in movement with Irmgard Bartinieff. 01-01-1960-12-31-1970
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