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"Voices at the New York Public Library, from Lead Belly to Computerized Analysis of Folk Song," a Lecture by Alan Lomax as broadcast over WNYC New York Public Radio (originally given in 1979) 01-01-1984-12-21-1984 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax's notes on the African dance project, part of a request for funding from the NEH; critique of a projected educational project African folktale performace traditions and suggestions . 12-19-1985-01-07-1986 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax and Anna Wei Sung, on Fats Domino; Elvis Presley's appeal; Rockabilly; the Four Seasons; the Temptations as the apotheosis of Motown; hitmaking formula of the 1950s and some hits of the 1960s and '70s; Stevie Wonder and Prince; Michael Jackson; and the Bee Gees. 01-01-1980-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay discuss flim clips of the Twist, the movement styles of Buddy Holly, ballroom and cabaret-style couple dances, Charles Moore, Katherine Dunham, Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, Irene Castle and James Fisher, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, modern fine-art dance reconstructions, Mary Labelle discusses Tricia Brown and Twyla Tharp 07-15-1985-07-23-1995 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax and Roswell Rudd conversing about coding, Al Jolson; Charlie Parker and bebop; the loss of improvisation and group participation in European music. 12-04-1984-01-07-1985 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax Interviewed in New York by a reporter from RAI (Italian Radio) about the history and distinctive characteristics of American folk song 01-01-1969-12-31-1969 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax interviewed in New York by Joel Stone of the Black History Radio Series, about the Black Encyclopedia of the Air, funded by the Ford Foundation. National Archives No. 306 VOA.ENZ-T-5137 05-20-1969-05-20-1969 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax interviews Carol and Beverly White on Josh White and the Roosevelts 01-01-1981-12-31-1981
Alan Lomax on Madonna and the 1956 film "Rock, Rock, Rock," based on Alan Freed, featuring the Flamingoes and others; Alan's critique of Robert Wilson's "Einstein on the Beach"; Busby Berkeley as the apotheosis of European unison. 01-01-1980-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax Presentation on film "The Longest Trail" at AAA in Washington, D.C.; Christmas messages from Alan to friends; and a discussion with Forresting Paulay on urban break dancing, followed by more messages. 01-01-1986-12-31-1986 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax speech given in New Orleans 01-01-1970-12-31-1990 Media not yet available
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Alan Jabbour, and others about American fiddle music and dance in Upper South 01-01-1987-12-31-1987
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Joe Williams, Mable Hillery, and Joan Halifax; Conversation between Alan Lomax, Conrad Arensberg, and sociologist Stanley Udy on the classifications of work organization and music 02-01-1966-03-01-1966
Conversation between Alan Lomax and composer Halim El-Dabh on the eve of the latter's trip to Zaire and the Sudan; Alan Lomax's criticism of anachronimsms and missed opportunities in Gordon Park's film about Lead Belly 11-30-1975-11-30-1975
Conversation between Alan Lomax and John Dee Holman; taped correspondence, including an account of traveling to Italy and a tribute to Diego Carpitella 12-19-1991-12-19-1991 Media not yet available
Conversation with Bessie Jones after memorial for Mable Hillery; Dictation: Alan Lomax on cultural evolution 01-01-1976-12-31-1976
Dictated correspondence: To Carnegie Corporation for a projected Treasury of Recorded Black Folk Music; Ahmet Ertegun; William R. Geddes of the University of Sydney; Marian Anderson on 1939 White House Concert; French language teaching and Cajun culture; Bess Lomax Hawes as Folk Arts Coordinator for NEA; Lily May Ledford, Mr. McQueen on the 1939 White House Concert; Grace Tully on Roosevelt's favorite songs; job recommendation 01-01-1981-01-14-1981
Dictation about the role of art and its relation to depression; conversation between Alan Lomax and his grandson Odysseus Chairetakis about Michael Jackson and the little blue car (a story) recorded on Long Island; notes on rap and heterophony; and a theory about about art that Alan calls "The Edge of Chaos" recorded on April 15 after giving a speech to a conference of art administrators in Chicago 04-06-1994-04-15-1994 Media not yet available
Discussion between Alan Lomax, John Bishop and members of the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (MAET) about the script for "Land Where the Blues Began" 09-10-1979-09-10-1979
Forrestine Paulay and Alan Lomax sum up their analysis of Elvis Presley's movement style 01-01-1986-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Funeral service for Bessie Jones, Alan Lomax interviews members of Bessie Jones's family 01-01-1960-12-31-1993
Interview of Alan Lomax by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air about Lead Belly and Jelly Roll Morton in honor of the issuing of Rounder's Alan Lomax Collectionr (program originally broadcast in 1990 on occasion of American Patchwork film series broadcast on public television) 01-01-1996-12-31-1996 Media not yet available
Interview with Alan Lomax (interlocuter unknown) about the history of 1947 album of songs and interviews, "Blues in the Mississippi Night" 01-01-1970-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Interview with Jack Owens by Alan Lomax in New York City 02-01-1992-02-28-1992 Media not yet available
Mary Labelle and Alan Lomax review and discuss coding of features of modern American popular dances 01-01-1986-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
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