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Description Dates Media File
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Morris Swadesh and Mrs. Swadesh, and Joan Halifax about Swadesh's work in historical linguistics 09-29-1965-09-29-1965
Conversation between Alan Lomax and Jack Ferguson about Eskimo (Inuit) culture, influences, and music 01-01-1963-12-31-1963
Discussion between Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay on Choreometrics coding 01-01-1994-12-31-1994 Media not yet available
Discussion with Pierre Gaisseau, Claire Holt, Alan Lomax, Irmgard Bartinieff, and Forrestine Paulay on films of Nilotic Masai peoples of east Africa; second part Irmgard Bartinieff discusses, Hungarian dance; communal elements of dance, and questions about coding. Third part of tape is a commentary on a film by Bartinieff in German. Fourth part a discussion between Alan Lomax and Bartinieff on coding dance movements, cooperative versus cohesive movements. 01-01-1960-12-31-1980
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