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Description Dates Media File
Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay on Dance and Human History 09-17-1992-09-17-1992 Media not yet available
Conversation between Michael J. Harner and Alan Lomax at the Lowie Museum in California about Jivaro of eastern Ecuador, their ethnology and music. 01-01-1963-12-31-1963
Dictation about the role of art and its relation to depression; conversation between Alan Lomax and his grandson Odysseus Chairetakis about Michael Jackson and the little blue car (a story) recorded on Long Island; notes on rap and heterophony; and a theory about about art that Alan calls "The Edge of Chaos" recorded on April 15 after giving a speech to a conference of art administrators in Chicago 04-06-1994-04-15-1994 Media not yet available
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