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Description Dates Media File
Conversation between Conrad Arensberg and Alan Lomax on how to correlate ethnomusicology with Murdock and Whiting's cultural classifications 07-01-1963-08-1-1963
Conversation between Ted Schwartz, Alan Lomax, and Victor Grauer on Manus music of Papua, New Guinea 05-09-1963-05-09-1963
Discussion by Ted Schwartz on Manus mythology, the application of Murdock cultural classification to Manus, and the tape index 05-20-1963-05-20-1963
Ted Schwartz and Mildred Antonelli on Manus materials 05-19-1963-05-19-1963
Ted Schwartz discussing Manus cultural continuity, psychology, fishing, and song style 07-01-1963-07-01-1968
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