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Description Dates Media File
A lecture on Cantometrics by Alan Lomax 01-01-1963-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
Conversation between Alan Lomax and laryngologist Paul Moses in San Francisco about analyzing non-art-singing vocal stylistic factors. Linguist Edith Trager Johnson is heard briefly. 11-01-1963-11-30-1063
Conversation between Conrad Arensberg and Alan Lomax on how to correlate ethnomusicology with Murdock and Whiting's cultural classifications 07-01-1963-08-1-1963
Conversation between Robert Garfias, Alan Lomax, and Victor Grauer about Japanese Court Music 01-01-1961-12-31-1961
Victor Grauer interviews Tadashi Hikada about recordings of a Japanese folk festival 01-01-1963-12-31-1963 Media not yet available
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