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Alan Lomax's notes on the African dance project, part of a request for funding from the NEH; critique of a projected educational project African folktale performace traditions and suggestions . 12-19-1985-01-07-1986 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay on Dance and Human History 09-17-1992-09-17-1992 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax interviewed in New York by Joel Stone of the Black History Radio Series, about the Black Encyclopedia of the Air, funded by the Ford Foundation. National Archives No. 306 VOA.ENZ-T-5137 05-20-1969-05-20-1969 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax Presentation on film "The Longest Trail" at AAA in Washington, D.C.; Christmas messages from Alan to friends; and a discussion with Forresting Paulay on urban break dancing, followed by more messages. 01-01-1986-12-31-1986 Media not yet available
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Trinidadian Minister of Culture, J. D. Elder, and Carol Kulig on the slow acceptance of Cantometrics findings, funerary customs in Nigeria, and New Orleans compared, and suggestions for cultural curriculum of pan-American black studies in West Indies, Brazil, and the United States 01-01-1970-12-31-1970 Media not yet available
Conversation between Alan Lomax and composer Halim El-Dabh on the eve of the latter's trip to Zaire and the Sudan; Alan Lomax's criticism of anachronimsms and missed opportunities in Gordon Park's film about Lead Belly 11-30-1975-11-30-1975
Conversation between Alan Lomax and Conrad Arensberg 06-13-1963-06-12-1963 Media not yet available
Discussion with Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins on the Bahima of Uganda 00-00-1963-00-00-1963
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