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Description Dates Media File
"Voices at the New York Public Library, from Lead Belly to Computerized Analysis of Folk Song," a Lecture by Alan Lomax as broadcast over WNYC New York Public Radio (originally given in 1979) 01-01-1984-12-21-1984 Media not yet available
90.2 WBUR, Boston, NPR station: "The Connection" memorial program about Alan Lomax with Studs Terkel, Bill Nowlin, co-founder of Rounder Records, and John Cohen, photographer and performer with the New Lost City Ramblers. Host: Robert Siegel 07-25-2002-07-25-2002 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax, David Brown, and Norman Berkowitz discussing geographic factor analysis and expressive style: the validity of an approach using small samples 03-19-1976-03-19-1976
Alan Lomax, lecture given at the Palazzo della Cancelleria, Rome, Italy 01-01-1986-12-31-1986
Alan Lomax: dictation on cultural diversity; conversation from Tobago; Harlan County coal strike conversation; Norwegians talking on the beach 01-01-1963-12-31-1993
Alan Lomax and Dr. William R. Emerson, Director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library at Hyde Park, discuss Roosevelt's favorite hymns 12-31-1981-12-31-1981
Alan Lomax commenting on a study fllm on synchrony and coordination; dictation 01-01-1970-12-31-1970 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax dictated correspondence and conversation with Pierre Gaisseau about the Cuna Indians of Panama 06-01-1974-12-31-1992
Alan Lomax interviews Hank Trubey in California about how to look at spectrographs of the human voice 11-27-1963-11-27-1963 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax introduces Cantometrics demonstration tape 01-01-1963-12-31-1980
Alan Lomax lecture on Global Jukebox 01-01-1994-12-31-1994 Media not yet available
Alan Lomax retrospective of his life, speech at the Celeste Bartos Auditorium in New York City: "From Lead Belly to Computerized Analysis of Folk Song" 01-01-1979-12-31-1979
Alan Lomax talk, accompanying the showing of his film, "The Longest Trail" at a CSS Luncheon 03-24-1986-03-24-1986
A lecture on Cantometrics by Alan Lomax 01-01-1963-12-31-1995 Media not yet available
American Association for the Advancement of Science Lecture on Cantometrics by Alan Lomax and Conrad Arensberg, given in Boston with participation of Margaret Mead; lecture by Carol Kulig on Parlametrics 02-21-1976-02-21-1976
Bess Lomax Hawes, Roswell Rudd, and Alan Lomax discuss teaching experiences using Cantometrics and exchange ideas for modifications and improvements. 01-01-1973-12-31-1973
Cantometrics coding for work organization discussion between Alan Lomax and unidentified male 01-01-1965-12-31-1990 Media not yet available
Conrad Arensberg and Alan Lomax discuss film making 05-10-1968-05-10-1968
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Irmgard Bartenieff, and Allison Jablonko on filming dance in the field. 05-20-1968-05-20-1968
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Joe Williams, Mable Hillery, and Joan Halifax; Conversation between Alan Lomax, Conrad Arensberg, and sociologist Stanley Udy on the classifications of work organization and music 02-01-1966-03-01-1966
Conversation between Alan Lomax, Victor Grauer, Godfrey E. Arnold, M.D., and Mrs. Arnold, on establishing parameters for quantifying voice qualities. 01-01-1961-12-30-1961 Media not yet available
Conversation between Alan Lomax and Conrad Arensberg regarding production type, finalizing definitions, and revisions of the Murdock typology 12-01-1965-12-31-1965
Conversation between Alan Lomax and linguist Edith Trager Johnson. Carol Kulig participates as well. Conversation with Henry Fonteneau, a Louisiana fiddle player. 01-01-1984-12-31-1984
Conversation Between Alan Lomax and Margaret Mead 10-13-1963-10-13-1963 Media not yet available
Conversation between George Murdock, Conrad Arensberg, and Alan Lomax about Murdock's Ethnographic Atlas classifications and Cantometrics 01-01-1966-12-31-1966
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