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:: Description :: Alan Lomax, lecture given at the Palazzo della Cancelleria, Rome, Italy
:: Project :: Cantometrics
:: Date Range :: 01-01-1986 to 12-31-1986
:: Particpants ::
Lomax, Alan
:: Subjects ::
Culture areas and factors, Cantometric
Cantometric system
:: Cultures ::
Italy, Genoa
West Africa
Italy, Lombardia
:: Holdings ::
:: Notes :: Alan Lomax explains the measurement parameters of Cantometrics and the systems analysis it yields. "It took three years to invent the system and twenty years to get a computer to handle it." He illustrates his lecture with samples of Genovese tralallero singing, Irish diddling, West African music, and choral singing from Lombardia, among others. The recording has a pronounced echo.



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