Miscellaneous Recordings 1950-1990

While preserving the sound recordings at the Alan Lomax Archive, we came across various recordings Alan made throughout his career that do not fit into specific collections. We decided to group them in a collection of miscellaneous recordings because they are interesting in their sheer variety. Included here are taped interviews and song sessions with Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Shirley Collins, Robin Roberts, The Ramblers, Douglas Kennedy and Margaret Barry, Wanda Sana, poet Robert Graves, the Reverend Michael Peebles, Bengali nationalist poet Jasimuddin, and many others, including a Czechoslovakian concentration camp survivor and a United Nations diplomat singing Afghanistan caravan songs in Pashtu.

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Session Region,Country Date
Alan Lomax and the Ramblers London, England 1955-1957
Alan Lomax as performer I New York, United States 1957-1980
Alan Lomax as performer II London, England 1955
Alan Lomax as performer III Texas, United States 4/19/1969
Alan Lomax as performer IV New York, United States 1970-1980
Bahamas 8/79 Bahamas (unspecified), Bahamas, The 10/30/1979
Bob Dylan 1/63 New York, United States 01/1963
McKinley Peebles 11/61 New York, United States 11/10/1961
Muhammad Glaus Waziri 12/64 New York, United States 12/3/1964
Norah Friede 1949 New York, United States 1949
Robert Graves 1960 Islas Baleares, Spain 1960
Robin Roberts London, England 1954
Shirley Collins 1959 United States (unspecified), United States 1959
Steven Wright, Harlem New York, United States 1950
Tom Paxton 1961 New York, United States 1961-1962
Violeta Parra 1956 London, England 1956
Wanda Sana 1957 London, England 1957
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