England 1951-1958

“The vigor and charm of these living English folk songs may surprise most listeners, perhaps most of all the British,” wrote Alan Lomax in 1955. Many of these recordings were made with Peter Kennedy and / or with the cooperation of the English Folk Dance and Song Society and the Recorded Programs Library of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The earliest publication of this material in Columbia Records’ World Library of Folk and Primitive Music also included recordings made by Maurice Brown, Douglas Cleverdon, Brian George, Jack Dillon, E. J. Moeran, Geoffrey Bridson, and Olive Shapeley. The collection comprises ballads, sea chanteys, children’s songs, mummers’ plays and Christmas rituals; instrumentals for concertina, band, and Northumbrian smallpipes; and features Isla Cameron, Jim and Bob Copper, A. L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Stanley Slade, Phil Tanner, and many others.

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Session Region,Country Date
Barrow-On-Humber 1/54 East Midlands, England 1954
BBC Disc Dubs 1951 London, England 1951
Blaxhall 10/53 East Anglia, England 10/10/1953
England 1951 Unspecified (England), England 1951
Great Yarmouth 1957 East Anglia, England 03-05/1957
Hyde 6/51 North-west, England 6/12/1951
London 1/51 London, England 1/3/1951
London 11/53 London, England 11/27/1953
London 12/53 London, England 12/2/1953
London 1951 London, England 1951
London 1959 London, England 01-07/1959
London 3/51 London, England 3/30/1951
London 4/51 London, England 4/17/1951
London 4/55 London, England 4/11/1955
Middleton-in-Teesdale 4/51 North-east, England 4/20/1951
Newcastle 4/51 North-east, England 4/22/1951
Norfolk 10/53 East Anglia, England 10/9/1953
Padstow 4/53-58 Cornwall, United Kingdom 4/29-4/30, 1953
Peter Kennedy Recordings 1950s Unspecified (England), England 1950-1955
Pin Mill 11/53 East Anglia, England 11/27/1953
Stevenage 1951-1958 East Anglia, England 1951-1958
Sweffling 1951 East Anglia, England 1951
Symondsbury 12/51 South-west, England 12/25/1951
Treorchy II 12/53 Unspecified (Wales), Wales 12/8/1953
Unidentified England 1951-1958 Unspecified (England), England 1951-1958
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