Haiti 1936-1937

Alan Lomax’s field trip to Haiti, undertaken at age 21, yielded more than 1,500 recordings, amounting to some 50 hours of sound recorded on discs. Working in the districts of Plaisance, Pont Beudet, Port-au-Prince, and Leogane, he recorded a wide variety of genres, including vodun, rada, petwo, zandor, kongo, rara, mardi gras, romance, konbit,and kont.These recordings, along with detailed notes, drawings, text and log transcriptions, and 350 feet of 8mm motion picture film were deposited in the Library of Congress. In preparation for a series of CDs based on this rare collection, transfers were made from the Library of Congress discs using the Prism 24-Bit A to D converters and Sony DSD technology, and de-noised using the Cedar System.




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