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Erbed Sookhor (A Mottled Horse) T1691R06
Buryat 8/64
Genre: [iuryn duun][patriotic song]
Artists: [Dugarov (m)][Zhugdurova, Norzogma D. (f)][Zonkhoev, Ardan Fėdorovich (m)]
Khereeteikhen Kheereeree (The Bay With A Brand On The Crupper) T1696R07
Various Soviet Union I 8/64
Genre: [uta-dun][wedding song]
Artists: [Baldaev, Sergei (m)][Balsaeva, Mariia (f)][Zhugdurova, Norzogma D. (f)][Zonkhoev, Ardan Fėdorovich (m)]
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