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Freagair siod mas toil leat fhéin e (Answer This, If You Like Him Yourself) T3387R17
Balivanich 6/51
Genre: [matchmaking song][waulking song][work song]
Artists: [MacCormick, Mrs. Peter][MacDonald, Archie][MacIsaac, Fanny][MacJeffries, Mrs. ][MacLellan, Mrs. A. J. ][MacMillan, Catriona A. ][Monk, Effie][Morrison, Penny][Nicholson, Kate]
Ní fhaca le Tamall T3285R03
Macroom II 1/51
Genre: [matchmaking song]
Artists: [Ó Riordáin, Diarmuid (Dermot O'Riordan)][Ó Súilleabháin, Seán Eoin (Sean O'Sullivan)]
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