:: Title :: MacPherson's Rant
:: Genre :: ballad
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Strachan, John [vocal]
:: Setting :: Probably the home of John Strachan
:: Location :: Crichie, near Fyvie (Aberdeenshire), North-east (Scotland)
:: Language :: Scots
:: Culture :: Scottish, Lowland Scots, Aberdonian
:: Session :: Crichie 7/51
:: Date :: 7/16/1951
:: Reference Information :: T3407.0, Track 8 (00:01:25)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - Bothy ballads sung and stories told by Aberdeenshire farmer and singer John Strachan. [Source: Editor]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Jamie MacPherson, a famous Scottish bandit, was the illegitimate son of a Highland laird, MacPherson of Invereshie, and was brought up and educated at his father's house. His mother was a gypsy. When his father was killed while attempting to recover cattle stolen by reivers, Jamie, who was a skilled swordsman, became the head of a band of gypsy horsetraders. He was tried and condemned death in November 1700. He is said to have composed the tune of the Rant while under death sentence, and to have broken his fiddle either over his knee or over the hangman's head after performing it on the gallows. It was believed the town clock was put forward so that he was executed fifteen minutes before the arrival of his reprieve at Banff. A 'rant' is a lament.
:: Collection :: Scotland 1951, 1953, and 1958



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