:: Title :: Interview with elderly Jewish man
:: Genre :: interview, spoken
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Halifax, Joan [vocal]
Lomax, Alan [vocal]
Unidentified man [vocal]
:: Setting :: Unspecified
:: Location :: Larache (Larache), Tangier-Tétouan (Morocco)
:: Language :: Spanish
:: Culture :: Moroccan, Judeo-Arab
:: Session :: Larache 9/67
:: Date :: 09/01/1967-09/30/01
:: Reference Information :: T3005.0, Track 8 (00:01:58)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - A series of interviews and speech samples from Larache, a harbor city in Northwestern Morocco. First, an interesting interview with a well-traveled Jewish man (speaking the nearly-extinct Judeo-Moroccan Arabic dialect), followed by a few snippets of conversation from the souq and an interview with the guardian of the Phoenician ruins of Lixus.
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - The interview subject is an elderly man from a Turkish Jewish family living in Morocco; he doesn't speak haketía, the Moroccan form of Judeo-Spanish, but he also doesn't speak the expected Turkish Judeo-Spanish - his Spanish is more like the somewhat mangled variety one often hears from Arabic speakers in the area. "75?75 years, that's the age I am. I'm Jewish, from up there in Istanbul?I'm 75 years old?I see the stars, the moon, the sun, and I work all over the globe, I know the globe so I can circle it. This is Larache. I am traveling the world a little bit?Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Stalingrad."
:: Collection :: Morocco 1967



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