:: Title :: Commentary on the folklore vocation by Alan Lomax
:: Genre :: personal narrative, spoken
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Lomax, Alan [vocal]
:: Setting :: Unspecified
:: Location :: Texas City (Galveston County), Texas (United States)
:: Language :: English
:: Culture :: Southern U.S., Anglo-American
:: Session :: Alan Lomax as performer III
:: Date :: 4/19/1969
:: Reference Information :: T9000.0, Track 9 (00:02:28)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - A lecture and song performance given by Alan Lomax in Texas City, Texas, on April 19, 1969. Lomax illustrates the development of American folk music through New England hymns to black spirituals and bad man ballads. The recording was given to Lomax by Robert P. Shinn.
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - The overseer slipped out, and the singer, "Blue," asked to hear a playback of the recording. There was jubilation in the school house when they heard what they had sung. At this moment Alan Lomax understood that his vocation was to get the message out from people who had no other access to communication --- to be a "messenger to the man." The next week they went down to Sugarland Penitentiary where they recorded some of the best songs they ever recorded in either of their careers.
:: Collection :: Miscellaneous Recordings 1950-1990



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