:: Title :: One Saw, Two Saw
:: Genre :: counting game, game song, rhyme, spoken
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Jones, Bessie
:: Setting :: Alan Lomax's apartment, 3rd Street
:: Location :: Greenwich Village, New York City (New York), New York (United States)
:: Language :: English
:: Culture :: Southern U.S., African American, Sea Islands, Georgia
:: Session :: Bessie Jones VII 10/61
:: Date :: 10/12/1961
:: Reference Information :: T983.0, Track 17 (00:01:03)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - 13 of 21 recording sessions with Bessie Jones.
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - "This song is an ancient and extraordinarily widespread rhyme. Scholars have argued over its origin for a long time. One theory traces the 'nonsense' syllables of these rhymes to a method of counting in ancient Celtic languages, persisting in remote areas of the British Isles. Another suggestion is that some of the words are a street-child parody of Latin, as spoken by the educated classes during the Middle Ages. This may explain the presence of the Virgin Mary in a child's rhyme. It should be noted that The Virgin Mary's presence in a secular song troubled Mrs. Jones." --Step It Down [Source: Step It Down book]
:: Collection :: Bessie Jones 1961-1962



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