:: Title :: Commentary by Bessie Jones on We're Called The Christian Soldiers and her schooling
:: Genre :: interview, spoken
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Jones, Bessie
Marchand, Antoinette [vocal]
:: Setting :: Alan Lomax's apartment, 3rd Street
:: Location :: Greenwich Village, New York City (New York), New York (United States)
:: Language :: English
:: Culture :: Southern U.S., African American, Sea Islands, Georgia
:: Session :: Bessie Jones III 9/61
:: Date :: 9/26/1961
:: Reference Information :: T977.1, Track 23 (00:05:54)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - The fourth of 21 recording sessions with Bessie Jones. [Source: Editor]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Jones talks about We're Called The Christian Soldiers, and the many songs she would sing in school. Marchand tries to elicit songs Jones learned from her mother, but Bessie prefers to talk about school, and she recalls how each Friday the students gave speeches and sang songs. They called it a concert, and it taught them not to be bashful. At home they sang play songs and spirituals, but at school they sang special school songs for teaching children. The Christian songs sung in school were written hymns, unlike the spirituals learned by ear. Jones introduces Elephant Fair.
:: Collection :: Bessie Jones 1961-1962



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