:: Title :: Jubilee
:: Genre :: game song
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Ritchie, Jean [vocal]
:: Setting :: Alan Lomax's apartment, 3rd Street
:: Location :: Greenwich Village, New York City (New York), New York (United States)
:: Language :: English
:: Culture :: Southern U.S., Anglo-American, Appalachian, Kentucky
:: Session :: Jean Ritchie I 5/49
:: Date :: 5/5/1949
:: Reference Information :: T1016.0, Track 3 (00:01:25)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - Notes on tape box (for session 1016) read: "Game songs" [Source: Tape Box]
2 - Session 1016 is comprised of game songs. Many of them are playparty games. Session 1017 is included as well as both sessions were recorded on May 5, 1949. 1017 returns primarily to ballads and love songs.
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Mom and Dad used to sing and play this party game when they were courting. It begins with boys and girls facing each other in two long lines, reel formation. On the first verse, hands are joined along the lines and at the ends to make a circle, and all circle left, once round until original place is reached. All drop hands and stand again in two lines, and at the beginning of the second verse and throughout the rest of the song, the head couple reels down to the bottom of the set while the others clap and sing. As soon as they reach the foot, the game starts over again with a new head couple. [Source: Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians]
:: Collection :: Jean Ritchie 1949 and 1950



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