:: Title :: Mussolini Is Dead (I)
:: Genre :: children's song, game song
:: Performers & Instruments ::
Cushnie, Jennifer [vocal]
Cushnie, Pat [vocal]
:: Setting :: The home of John Mearns, 5 Cedar Place
:: Location :: Aberdeen (Aberdeenshire), East (Scotland)
:: Language :: Scots
:: Culture :: Scottish, Lowland Scots, Aberdonian
:: Session :: Aberdeen I 7/51
:: Date :: 7/15/1951
:: Reference Information :: T3408.0, Track 16 (00:00:18)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - Fiddle tunes played by Hector MacAndrew, bothy ballads sung by John Mearns, his wife, and friends, and children's game songs and rhymes sung in the street in front of the Mearns' house by the Mearns' children and their friends who "lived round the corner." [Source: Editor]
2 - For those childrens' songs which Lomax did not credit specifically, "Cedar Place children" has been used as the performer and is made up of all or some of the following: Jack Mearns, Kathleen Mearns, Pat Cushnie, Jennifer Cushnie, Jim Hunter, Willie Hunter, Norma Watt, Tom Watt, Arthur Ronald, Christopher Ronald, and Gwen Ronald. [Source: Editor]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Ewan McVicar: "Lomax commented about the Mussolini song, 'The kids have a rare gift for summing up the essentials of history, as in this caustic epitaph to a man who caused so much grief.' In a later version Mussolini became Vaseline and the last line became the remarkable 'There's only room for Elvis and his wee banjo.' " From "Singing in the Streets," Rounder CD 1795, 2004. This song was combined with the preceding track, T3408.16, as "Harry Lauder and Mussolini Are Dead" on that album. [Source: Album note]
:: Collection :: Scotland 1951, 1953, and 1958



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