:: Title :: Te Way (Stick Fight)
:: Genre :: calypso
:: Performers & Instruments ::
DeLeon [sticks]
Grant, Rupert (Lord Invader) [vocal]
Simeon [sticks]
Unidentified men [vocal]
:: Setting :: Calypso At Midnight concert, Town Hall
:: Location :: Manhattan, New York City (New York), New York (United States)
:: Language :: English
:: Culture :: Trinidad, Afro-Trinidadian, Creole-Trinidadian
:: Session :: Calypso At Midnight 12/46
:: Date :: 12/21/1946
:: Reference Information :: TD227.0, Track 50 (00:02:49)
:: Original Format :: Reel to Reel
:: Session Notes ::
1 - "This concert is a fascinating document of an American presentation of Trinidadian calypso at a time when interest in the genre was spreading from New York City into the mainstream of popular music in the United States" (Donald R. Hill and John H. Cowley, Calypso At Midnight, Rounder 1840). [Source: Editor]
:: Recording Notes ::
0 - Notes from Rounder Records release "Calypso After Midnight" read: "Lord Invader incorporated a number of stick-fighting songs in his repertoire including this piece, which he first cut in 1941 (Decca 17472). Representing a tradition that was finally established by the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the call-and-response nature of the music and use of Creole is readily apparent. Bands of men battled each other with sticks in the streets during Carnival and, when these encounters were banned, at more formal contests. Their fighting moves were reflected in the rhythm of the drums. Songs were pugilistic or self-reflective and sometimes mixed both sentiments. We hear the sticks in the background as DeLeon and Simeon demonstrate a one-on-one stick fight. Also heard is someone moving the microphone stand out of the way." [Source: Donald R. Hill and John H. Cowley]
:: Collection :: Calypso Concert 1946



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